Good Motorcycle Gloves Need Style and Protection; Fogy Garage Ursus Cheifs Have Both

2022-12-08 21:09:21 By : Mr. Yorkshire Pan

Good motorcycle gear can decide between life and death for riders. Legendary brands like Arai and Alpine Stars have forged foundational reputations on making just such gear. I recently tested a new pair of gloves from a newer company I hadn’t heard of before. The opportunity for a new legacy motorcycle apparel brand has blossomed. I’ve had the Urus Chief gloves from Fogy Garage stuffed in my helmet as my go-to gloves for the past six months, and here are my thoughts. 

Knowing little to nothing about Fogy Garage and its gear, I was really excited to work with the company. The gloves came in high-quality, attractive packaging, along with a storage bag and stickers. I’m a sucker for stickers.  Fleshing Machine Blades

Good Motorcycle Gloves Need Style and Protection; Fogy Garage Ursus Cheifs Have Both

As soon as I pulled the gloves from their bag, I dug their look. Supple leather and heavy brass fasteners and eyelets define the aesthetic of the gloves. They are heavy with the weight of quality materials. 

I’m a big dude. I’m 6’5, and my hands follow suit. I ordered the XL Chiefs despite normally being able to wear a large in most gloves. I figured, since these seem pretty fitted, I’d size up to be extra safe. Thankfully I did, too. The Urus Chiefs run exceptionally small. The XLs fit nicely once they are on, but getting them there is a battle. Once on, the gloves fit snugly but comfortably. 

The last ride I took for the season was in upstate New York on the 2022 Honda Africa Twin. Even after a few months, the Urus Chiefs were still quite tight and unrelenting. Whether from the multiple layers of full-grain vegetable-tanned cowhide leather or the TPU, CE-certified armoring in knuckles, these gloves don’t do a lot of stretching. You’ll want to size up at least one size, if not two. Trust me. 

This ride on the Africa Twin was a 6-hour journey through the foothills of the Catskill mountains. The roads were demanding, snaking and knotting through open roads and shaded pine-lined trails. 

The Chiefs did well in keeping my hands warm and fingers unbitten by frost in the coolness of early fall in the Hudson Valley. In fact, other than dreading taking them on and off for breaks, I rarely thought of the gloves at all, short of catching a glimpse of them while catching a gauge and thinking, “Damn! These look cool.” 

Fogy Garage makes a decent set of gloves. I haven’t had these long and may have clocked a few hundred miles in them, but they are holding up well and continue to look fantastic. 

Seeing as how we tend to want to keep our fingers attached to our hands, I wouldn’t recommend skimping on gloves. However, the Urus Chiefs struck me as a touch expensive for a newer brand with little name recognition. The Urus Cheifs retail for $180 but are currently on sale for $153. I’m not saying the Chiefs are too expensive, but considering you can get similarly armored gloves from a legacy brand like Alpine Stars, you have to be cool paying a premium for the retro look of these leather gloves. I, for one, always support paying more to get something cooler looking. Vanity wins again. 

Leather Finishing Spraying Machine Overall, the Urus Chiefs from Fogy Garage are rad-looking gloves that seem to be made of high-quality materials and have a keen eye for fashion.