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2021-11-13 06:00:29 By : Ms. Nicole Zheng

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Choosing the best litter box for your feline friend can be tricky. Many cats have their own preferences—some cats are more picky than others—and specific behaviors should also be considered. If your cats are prone to littering everywhere, they can use high-side or top-entry trays, but anxious or nervous cats may prefer open trays instead of hooded trays with flaps.

The location of the trash can for your home is also worth considering. Closed trays are more suitable for apartments to better contain any smell, while beautiful trays can be integrated into the design of your home. Even if you have space for cats to play outdoors, they still need to use the litter box indoors: it reduces stress and helps prevent accidents.

We have reviewed many different litter box options for your cat, and attached a quick guide explaining what you should pay attention to when choosing your cat’s next litter box.

The main things to consider are the size and entry method of the litter box. In terms of size, the standard recommendation is that the tray should be one and a half times the length of the cat, from the nose to the tip of the tail. Choosing an entry method is a bit tricky, because it depends on your cat's preferences and its toileting behavior.

Most cats use their trays 3 to 5 times a day, so the general litter tray etiquette is to scoop out waste from the cat litter every day, replace all cat litter and clean the tray every week, and plan to replace the tray itself every year to maintain hygiene environment.

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Although many cat owners will share a tray between two cats, the typical recommendation is to provide a tray for each cat-in fact, it is actually recommended to have a tray for each cat, "plus an extra tray" in order to provide Your feline friend provides maximum comfort.

The cheapest cat litter tray can be as low as 5 pounds, while the more expensive automatic cleaning tray can be as high as hundreds of pounds. We have reviewed a series of prices here to help you make the best choice.

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Price: £4.10 | Buy now on Amazon

If your cat does not like narrow spaces and does not develop the habit of littering, then this Felight open tray is a classic and concise choice. It is made of heavy-duty plastic, strong and durable, so it won't break when lifted, and there is a filling line around the inner edge so you don't fill up with trash. The inner bottom of the tray is more or less flat and has curved corners, so it is very easy to clean. The height is about 9cm, which is relatively shallow, which means it is only suitable for kittens or kittens.

Amazon does not seem to allow you to choose colors, but offers several shades. None of them are particularly exciting, but do cats really mind the colors?

Main specifications-Dimensions: 41.2 x 31 x 9.5cm (LWH)

Price: £26 | Buy now from Amazon

We like this large hooded litter box from Catit. The tall and wide placket is made of transparent plexiglass, which not only blocks odors, but also helps to minimize litter tracking after your cat leaves. There is also a replaceable carbon filter to increase ventilation (some curious kittens may try to pull it out), and both the flip cover and the filter part can be folded back and secured firmly, making it easier to scoop out clumps Trash.

There is a strong handle on the top of the hooded part and is connected to the base by sliding locks on both sides, covering the edges to avoid any leakage. The bottom of the litter box is about 15 cm at the front and deeper at the back, requiring a lot of garbage to fill it. The interior has enough height, which makes it a good choice for big cats and cats who like to dig.

Main Specifications-Dimensions: 57 x 43 x 46cm (LWH)

Price: £15 | Buy now on Amazon

Some cats are used to kicking half of the litter out of the tray and spraying it out every time they visit. This CatCentre tray directly solves this problem: It has a high side wall of more than 20 cm, but still allows cats to enter, lowering the step entrance by 11.​​.5 cm. As an open tray, it is also a particularly good choice for nervous or elderly cats because they cannot climb through the revolving door.

Easy to clean, the tray has rounded corners to help prevent trash from sticking inside, and there are grooves on the bottom and outside of the tray to help lift. CatCentre pallets are available in four subdued styles of shades-blue, green, gray and pink-if you need a smaller option, the company also produces a variety of different sizes of pallets.

Main Specifications-Dimensions: 50 x 38.5 x 20.5cm (LWH)

Price: £45 | Buy now on Amazon

The litter box at the top entrance may seem a bit strange to us, but most cats accept them easily, jump from the entrance and come out again. If you live in a multi-pet family (especially with curious dogs) or have young children, the litter box at the top entrance can be a good way to keep cats away from anyone.

The recessed cover of the Iris litter box helps to remove litter from the cat's paws. The size of the entrance hole is 26.5 x 23 cm. To remove the lid for cleaning, just put your thumbs into the small circles on both sides and pry up the lid. The base has rubber feet to stop it from moving, and the tray itself can hold a lot of trash-so if your cat is struggling to jump out, you must increase the level of trash they jump off!

We are particularly passionate about the beauty of the Iris box because it doesn't look like a garbage tray at all. Since there is no placket, there may be odor problems, although many customers say it remains relatively odor-free.

Main Specifications-Dimensions: 52.7 x 41 x 37.2cm (LWH)

Price: £142 | Buy now from Pets At Home

The price tag on the ScoopFree cat litter tray is certainly high, but it also provides the holy grail for many cat owners: the "contactless, worry-free cat litter system" makes shoveling shit a thing of the past.

The ScoopFree cat litter box consists of three main components. A disposable cardboard tray, pre-loaded with trash made of blue silicone crystals, is placed under a suitable tray-equipped with an automatic rake, cleaning sensor, and health counter-and a covered roof is added to the top . The entire device is plugged into a wall socket through the included 180 cm power cord. When your cat uses the tray, the crystals will immediately absorb the excrement and dehydrate it. After a selected time (5, 10 or 20 minutes), the rake sweeps the clumped cat litter into a closed compartment. The compartment contains any unpleasant smell and allows you to easily change it.

This kind of tray has some disadvantages: silica crystals may make some cats' paws uncomfortable, automatic rake may sound scary to some cats, there are no precautions to prevent your cat from tracking litter outside, some customers say The rake will not fail to clean up enough trash and leave quite annoying mess. In other words, ScoopFree also has a lot of rave reviews, if you often go out for a day or two, this may be a perfect stop.

Main Specifications-Dimensions: 70.2 x 40.6 x 48.6cm (LWH)

Buy now from Pets At Home

Price: £22 | Buy now from Zooplus

If you are worried about how much space your garbage tray will take up, then the Savic Nestor triangular tray is an excellent alternative to the traditional rectangular box. This litter tray with lid has a hinged door made of transparent plastic and a low entry step of 23 cm, but the feature we really like is the foldable front. Some clever engineering means that the swing door and the built-in carbon filter fold back and up, leaving a clear entrance for discreet kittens, who may not believe the idea of ​​a litter box with a cover. It also allows people to clean used trash through the door without having to dismantle the entire pallet every time.

The Savic Nestor can of course be used with or without the hood, but when in use, it can be firmly clipped to the base and has a built-in handle for easy carrying. Most importantly, the triangular shape means you can insert this trash tray neatly into any corner of your home-ultimately saving space.

Main Specifications-Dimensions: 58.5 x 45.5 x 40cm (LWH)

Price: £29 | Buy now from Amazon

If you are traveling with your cat, whether it is a road trip, long drive or moving house, you can choose a disposable litter box-or pack a portable tray for your trip.

The Petsfit portable litter box is made of heavy-duty canvas fabric and is strong enough to withstand a certain degree of scratching and digging, but if your cat is prone to deep digging, it may tear. The interior is covered with a waterproof lining, which makes cleaning very easy: just dump out the used trash and wash your hands with soap and water. The most impressive thing is that this tray can actually be folded into the size of an iPhone and firmly secured by a pop-up closing device. It can even be used as a cat bed-just clean it thoroughly first!

Main specifications-size: 40cm x 30cm x 12cm, or 20 x 12.6 x 5cm when folded (LWH)

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