Why does my cat follow me everywhere (including the bathroom)?

2021-11-13 05:56:41 By : Ms. Claire Dong

Every morning, my cat will follow me from the bedroom to the kitchen, rubbing its furry tail on my pajamas, making a sweet meow. He followed me into the bathroom and watched me brushing my teeth carefully. He even followed me into the shower room. I admit it's creepy, but it just means he loves me... right?

If your cat sounds like mine, you may wonder if their trailing you is related to you. Let me assure you that it has and it doesn't. A typical relationship with cats, isn't it?

From their health problems to becoming an ordinary cat, there are various interesting reasons behind this interesting behavior.

do not worry! Your cat does love you. After living in humans for so long, cats have established a real and unique connection with their human caregivers. Your cat likes to spend time with their favorite person (you!) and is interested in what you do, especially during the day you may have to do more than just sit on the couch and watch your favorite shows (For example, when cooking) dinner or washing clothes. These activities appeal to your cat buddies more than watching you stare at the screen.

The week goes by very quickly. If you are like me, you will often be surprised to find that it is already mid-week and you still haven't gone to the grocery store. When we take time out of our busy schedule and give them the attention they need, our pets sometimes "lag behind." Your cat may find the best way for you to pet them, play with them, or share delicious snacks with them is to let them know that they exist...including following your every step. Make sure that you have obligations every day and provide your kittens with love, affection, and ample opportunities for daily enrichment to ensure that your feline companion keeps happy and healthy kittens.

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This is where the bathroom comes in. As we all know, as long as there are toilets and showers, there will be smells. Your cat is a connoisseur of scents, especially the bathroom provides many interesting scents that inspire their feline instincts.

In addition, if your kitten likes to lie in a cool place, a bowl that can be placed in the (sink), or likes dripping, dripping, dripping from the tap, the bathroom will soon become a kitten’s playground or relaxing Spa. Cats will also find that your kitchen, laundry room, and bedroom are full of smells they need to explore and games to try (toilet paper rolls are obviously very interesting).

It may not be shocking, but if your kittens deliberately lurks behind every step you take, they may try to communicate your needs... and it may be that they want to eat. Cats are excellent communicators, but just like toddlers, they prefer to speak out their needs or decide on a snack when you go to the bathroom-this is completely different from a cat's sudden visit when you are in business.

Also like toddlers (admittedly, me) the breakfast you give them may be unsatisfactory, or make them want more. This may indicate that your cat needs to change its diet. Of course, it is important not to overfeed cats, because obesity in felines can cause serious health problems. However, as your cat grows up to adulthood, their nutritional and exercise needs will also change. Therefore, if your cat seems to have lost weight, their fur appears dull, or they still follow you even after you provide them with food, please consult your veterinarian to ensure that your cat gets the nutrients it needs.

Cats cannot express their feelings with words, so they use body language to express their feelings. Cats can say a variety of things through their bodies, but cats that may be sick or feeling over-stressed may increase their physical movement and behavior. These may include following you everywhere or trying to get as close as possible to you.

If your kitten seems to want to approach you in an unusually strong way, looks painful when you leave a room without them, or keeps tracking your every move, then it’s time to make an appointment with your veterinarian or veterinary behavior specialist to rule out Any health or behavior problems.

Your cat may have discovered that following you into the kitchen is the best way to get more delicious tuna snacks, or they may really like all the wonderful smells that come close to you. Regardless of the reason your cat is always following you, it is important to pay close attention to ensure that your magical cat is completely happy and healthy.

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