Smarty Pear launches the first self-cleaning trash bin connected to apps with Alexa and Google voice control

2021-11-13 05:57:30 By : Mr. Terry Chen

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Leo's Loo Too offers bright color options, just in time for the holidays

Palo Alto, California, October 27, 2021/PRNewswire/ - Smarty Pear, the manufacturer of Leo's Loo self-cleaning trash cans, has launched Leo's Loo Too, taking the automated bucket game to a new level of innovation. App connection and self-cleaning trash bin that supports Alexa and Google Assistant. 

The self-cleaning litter box with WiFi and Bluetooth connection provides a full set of advanced features to help cat parents keep their cat’s toilet constantly clean and monitor the health of their feline friends. Leo's Loo Too application provides remote access to system settings and detailed activity reports, tracking the frequency of visits of the kitten, the trend of her weight changes over time, etc., enabling cat parents to monitor and control their cats from anywhere in the world. Loo.

Leo's Loo Too also introduces exciting new health and safety features, such as the only UV disinfection and triple safety protection on the market. The UV sterilization function uses UV rays to kill 99% of the bacteria, viruses and parasites in the waste drawer, which helps keep the kittens healthy and improve odor control. The triple safety protection system uses a combination of radar, weight sensor and anti-pinch sensor to detect when the cat is in or near the toilet, and suspend moving parts until the cat leaves, thereby ensuring the safety of the kitten.

With Leo's Loo Too, you don’t need to find an inconspicuous place in the house to hide the trash can, because it has a modern and compact aesthetic design and is available in four colors: Leo's Gray, Pretty Pink, Baby Blue and Avocado Green . In addition, Leo's Loo Too is touted as one of the quietest self-cleaning bins on the market. It can be cleaned in just over a minute, and it will never overflow during the cycle (cleaning) process, so there is no need to send the Roomba over after each cleaning.

"When we designed Leo's Loo Too, we had a clear and ambitious goal: to create a self-cleaning trash can, with the best user experience, the most innovative technology and a design worthy of magazine cover, in all other trash Stand out from the box,” commented Christopher Madeiras, founder and CEO of Smarty Pear. "I am proud to say that we did this together with Leo's Loo Too."

The retail price of Leo's Loo Too is US$599, but it can be pre-ordered immediately for US$549. The pre-order kit with a retail price of $665 includes a Leo's Loo Litter Mat, a box of 25 Leo's Loo drawstring trash lined bags, and three Smarty Pear plush toys. Only a limited number can be booked.

Customers can also use payment plans starting at $50/month. Each Leo's Loo Too comes with 10 bags and filters, and is pre-assembled. The setup time is less than 15 minutes, including synchronization with Leo's Loo app.

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