Welcome mat: Plymouth Country Ceramics Association provides festive performances

2021-11-13 05:57:15 By : Mr. Roc Huang

Plymouth Country Ceramics Association provides holiday performances

The Plymouth Country Ceramics Association will hold its annual holiday show and sale from November 19th to 20th from 10 am to 7 pm. Peruse the work of local ceramic artists, including seasonal works, and take the lead in your holiday shopping and decoration. The location is 326 N. Main St. (just north of the railway track). Looking for balloons. For information, visit villagepottersguild.org.

Find materials at Reclaimed Michigan in Waterford 

Reclaimed Michigan has doubled the size of its Watford warehouse to more than 14,000 square feet. This unique website provides builders, contractors, interior designers and DIYers with a wealth of rural resources, from siding to beams and everything in between. Look for recycled materials in a variety of colors, textures, and lengths to enable creative applications such as personalized walls, floating shelves, custom barn doors and mantels. Every piece of wood, corbel or corrugated metal sheet is related to Michigan or Ohio. Reclaimed Michigan cooperated with several salvage teams to correctly retrieve historical materials. The location is 179 Sylvertis Road, Ste B. For information, please visit reclaimedmi.com.

Enjoy great decoration and support foster children

Great decoration: Cultivating hope for the holidays is the annual festival tree decoration competition held in the centre of Birmingham, which is a good cause. In cooperation with the Michigan Adoption Resources Exchange, companies participating in the Great Decoration 2021 will compete to raise funds to help 18-year-old teenagers who are about to leave the foster care system and need support. The official kick-off time is 6 pm on November 18th. Decorated trees will be displayed at the entrances or front windows of participating companies. The prize money will be distributed to the company that has raised the most funds by voting for its tree. Another award will be given to the company selected by the jury. To vote, please donate any amount on thegreatdecorate.com from November 18th to commemorate your favorite tree.

Tangle-free sheets can now belong to you

No matter how the sheets are put in the washing machine or dryer, they will inevitably get knotted. Wad-Free for Bed Sheets is a small tool fixed on the corners of the sheets to prevent them from tangling, twisting and pilling. "I'm tired of the way my sheets pile up in the washing machine and dryer," said inventor and owner Cindy Bray, a Detroit native who recently appeared in a press release for Shark Tank. "I'm tired of fighting with wet sheets. It's maddening how much time and energy I wasted just letting my sheets dry out. Since there is no solution to this common problem, my task is to invent one. Sheets. Finally met an opponent!" Wad-Free 2-piece set (enough for a paper sleeve) is made of non-toxic materials in the United States and can be reused. The retail price is US$18.99. It can be bought on Amazon, walmart.com, Grommet and wadfree.com.  

Leo's Loo Too A smart trash can that cleans automatically

Smarty Pear provides the first ever automatic self-cleaning trash can that supports Alexa and Google: Leo's Loo Too. The self-cleaning litter box connected by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth can help cat owners keep their cat toilets clean and monitor their health. Leo's Loo Too app allows them to remotely monitor and control their toilets. Other features include the only UV sterilization and triple safety protection on the market. No need to hide the modern compact litter box with four colors: Leo's Gray, Pretty Pink, Baby Blue and Avocado Green. The self-cleaning toilet is also very quiet and fast. Prices start at approximately US$500. For information, please visit smartypear.com.